How to deal with impending climate disaster

I previously talked about how to not get too depressed about climate change. But there are other responses in the face of the coming ecopocalypse. The climate emergency is not the first time in history that many people think the world will end soon. In 1954 a UFO cult around the Chigaco house wife Dorothy … Read moreHow to deal with impending climate disaster

How to try and not get climate change depression

Rule 1: Be critical I want to be happy and hopeful. That’s why I stopped looking at the “news”, basically don’t use social media (no facebook, no twitter, 15 minutes of youtube and instagram max.) and try and read good news. But when you are critical, you dig and you uncover things. And often, they … Read moreHow to try and not get climate change depression

Why you don’t want your toilet to fail

A story of Roman aqueducts When in Rome … check out the amazing aqueducts! They are not only in that city of course. Most incredible Roman aquaeducts are actually all over Europe, like the Pont du Gard, the Valens aqueduct (part of a 240 km conduit), the Aqueduct of Segovia, the Pont des les Ferreres … Read moreWhy you don’t want your toilet to fail

Are trees bad for the climate?

Cooling the planet The water cycle is one of the main drivers of the greenhouse effect. I talked about this previously in my article on climate change and the generation question. Where I quoted a NASA study attributing 50% of the greenhouse effect to water vapour (25% to clouds, 20% to CO2). This is due … Read moreAre trees bad for the climate?

Decluttering: Peace with your stuff

Manuela Höfner is a decluttering coach. The many facets of her story are utterly fascinating. She started out as a tax advisor. After happily helping people with their tax for 25 years she noticed that those who had their documentation in order were MUCH happier than those with lots of bits of paper stuffed in … Read moreDecluttering: Peace with your stuff

Wizards and Prophets

A book review: The Wizard and the Prophet by Charles C. Mann (2018) Summary: The book describes the lives and perspectives of two American researchers as archetypes of different ways to view the future. Those who believe in a future through growth and technology (what we would later call “techno-optimism”): the Wizards; and those who … Read moreWizards and Prophets

Beauty and value in the modern age

“Quality … you know what it is, yet you don’t know what it is. But that’s self-contradictory. Some things are better than others, that is, they have more quality. But when you try to say what the quality is, apart from the things that have it, it all goes Poof! – Robert Pirsig, Zen and … Read moreBeauty and value in the modern age

Waterframework Directive- explained

On rare occasions, governments listen to their electorate. The actual people that elected them and whose wishes they were supposed to uphold against the interests of special interest groups.  The EU occasionally asks its citizens what is important to them. Like recently, when an overwhelming majority said they could do without daylight savings. 80% of … Read moreWaterframework Directive- explained