Beauty and value in the modern age

“Quality … you know what it is, yet you don’t know what it is. But that’s self-contradictory. Some things are better than others, that is, they have more quality. But when you try to say what the quality is, apart from the things that have it, it all goes Poof! – Robert Pirsig, Zen and … Read moreBeauty and value in the modern age

Plant based diet 101

When choosing how I eat, I looked at the data and statistically those who eat a mostly vegetable based diet with some fish live the longest of all diets. Also, a plant based diet is good for the planet by reducing the forest area cleared for pasture and enabling other uses for land currently growing fodder … Read morePlant based diet 101

Tesla & Co: Electric cars and the communist future

We know now that we need to act on climate change. We probably needed to start acting on it 30 years ago… But at least we have the Paris climate accord since 2016. All countries in the world signed it. The USA, unfortunately, left later because they thought the atmosphere is about “fairness”. Unfortunately, the Paris climate agreement … Read moreTesla & Co: Electric cars and the communist future

5 lessons I learned from beehives

I visited the German bee museum in Weimar last week. It was founded in 1910 by Ferdinand Gerstung. Gerstung was a big deal in the early twentieth century beekeeping world and introduced the concept of “the bien”. The “Bien” considered the whole hive-super-organism instead of focusing on the individual bees. While bees are totally amazing and I … Read more5 lessons I learned from beehives

Eight reasons why I love bicycle touring

My cycling history Originally I was inspired to cycle on holidays by a book that my dad gave me about the tour around the equator by Tilmann Waldthaler.  The guy is something of an original in the cycle touring world, starting to cycle in the 70s, when there weren’t many around and you had to make the … Read moreEight reasons why I love bicycle touring