5 lessons I learned from beehives

I visited the German bee museum in Weimar last week. It was founded in 1910 by Ferdinand Gerstung. Gerstung was a big deal in the early twentieth century beekeeping world and introduced the concept of “the bien”. The “Bien” considered the whole hive-super-organism instead of focusing on the individual bees. While bees are totally amazing and I … Read more5 lessons I learned from beehives

Why it’s important to be articulate

The way humans communicate is a very inefficient process called language. We don’t think about the miracle of speech very often but the way it works is pretty incredible. I have no better way of expressing it, so let’s quote the great Tim Urban: “The next time you’re talking to someone, I want you to stop … Read moreWhy it’s important to be articulate

What your stuff says about you

I went to an interesting event organised by finding infinity . There would be two speakers that night, one of them was Sam Gosling, a Magnum PI-ish psychology professor from Austin, Texas and Timothy Hill, serious and strangely funny architect from his own firm Partners Hill. While Timothy’s talk was very interesting in his own right (check … Read moreWhat your stuff says about you