How to try and not get climate change depression

Rule 1: Be critical I want to be happy and hopeful. That’s why I stopped looking at the “news”, basically don’t use social media (no facebook, no twitter, 15 minutes of youtube and instagram max.) and try and read good news. But when you are critical, you dig and you uncover things. And often, they … Read moreHow to try and not get climate change depression

Are trees bad for the climate?

Cooling the planet The water cycle is one of the main drivers of the greenhouse effect. I talked about this previously in my article on climate change and the generation question. Where I quoted a NASA study attributing 50% of the greenhouse effect to water vapour (25% to clouds, 20% to CO2). This is due … Read moreAre trees bad for the climate?

Wizards and Prophets

A book review: The Wizard and the Prophet by Charles C. Mann (2018) Summary: The book describes the lives and perspectives of two American researchers as archetypes of different ways to view the future. Those who believe in a future through growth and technology (what we would later call “techno-optimism”): the Wizards; and those who … Read moreWizards and Prophets